Best Crossbow in 2019(buying guide & Review)

BY James Brown, 7 Minutes

So you are looking for the best crossbow on the market and you have no idea where to start from, what to look for, what is a draw weigh or hell even should I buy one or not.

In this article, we have picked up the best crossbows on the market right now that will make your life much easier by picking the right one.

And Let us be honest you do not want to buy a bad crossbow and later realize that, it’s not a right fit for you. So always prepare and have some knowledge before buying anything.

It does not matter if you are a hunter or a target shooter, the reality is you need a bow and you do not want to jump across articles to articles only to realize that you are even more confused than you were before.

That is why we have put together a complete list with a guide this year, to help you lead in the right direction, in your buying decision to help you find best value crossbow for the money.

Because Crossbow is a long investment, you do not want a crossbow that will be obsolete in two years. You want a bow that lasts for years to come so without further ado lets jump on the article.


Ravin Crossbow R15 Predator Crossbow-best crossbow

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TENPOINT TURBO GT-best crossbow

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Excalibur Matrix Grizzly SMF-best crossbow

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The Centerpoint Sniper 370 is a beginner friendly crossbow manufactured and designed by CenterPoint.

The sniper 370 is a powerful tool which comes at such a low price. The bow has won number of awards for its simplicity and pits performance at such price.

CenterPoint Sniper 370-best crossbow

The sniper 370 is an impressive entry-level crossbow designed by CentrePoint and is named after its 370 fps speed, the company claims to achieve.

Sniper 370 is designed as a compound crossbow equipped with split limb and a machined aluminum stock and riser.

The crossbow has an easy to adjust stock designed for both hunters and recreational target shooters.

The sniper 370 can produce up to 110lbs of kinetic energy with a 370 grain bolt. There is no limitation for which game size is it ideal for.

Do not get confused by its low price to low quality, it’s still is a tough and durable crossbow.

Great safety even at the low price, The Dry-fire mechanism, and the automatic safety trigger work without a hiccup on the Sniper 370.

In-addition, a fully adjustable stock is carefully designed for comfort, a pass-through foregrip to assist your shooting style ensuring extraordinary accuracy and a narrower design for compact/narrow hunting places.

Sniper 370 delivers up to 370 FPS, which generates 113.9 ft-lbs with 375-grain bolts, included with the package, in ideal conditions.

When tested, the bolt weight at 372 grain and obtained an average of 362 FPS, a Bit closer to 370 fps, which makes it acceptable.

Talking about accuracy and distance, the Sniper 370 is surprisingly precise on target even at 50 yards repeatedly with little to no adjustments.  Yes, that is why it is a beginner friendly crossbow.

The only hiccup we had with this crossbow so far is the trigger has a lot of trigger creeps which results might affect the accuracy of the bolt in the beginning.

When you start using sniper 370, you will realize that safety is one of centerPoint’s main priorities.

The maneuverability is good, it has a narrow design weighing 7.9 lbs making it a little heavy but still manageable.

The rope cocking aid is adjustable and it can suit any adult height making your life a bit easier.

This crossbow is pretty quite considering its price. And overall it’s a great buy even if you are a beginner, you will cheer every dollar spent on this bow.

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The Good Stuff:

  • Outstanding accuracy for such a low priced crossbow
  • High quality crossbow at affordable cost
  • Integrated string silencer
  • A compact and light, well balanced crossbow
  • impeccable Safety mechanism
  • Easily adjustable assault rifle style stock
  • Relatively one of the cheap crossbow

The Bad Stuff:

  • Foregrip is not that comfortable
  • Scope quality is not very good

Wicked ridge Invader G3 is one of the most popular crossbow in the market today because of its design and durability.

The crossbow is reasonably priced and easy to handle, easy to draw without making much noise. The bow can take down game of any size with precision including deer, buck or hell even a bull.

Wicked Ridge Invader G3-best crossbow

The Invader G3 is one of the most popular crossbows on the market today.

Winner of the best value award from Petersen’s hunting, the crossbow perhaps is well built, durable and comes with high performance design.

On top of that, the crossbow is not overly priced; it sits right in the mid-range making it affordable for most people.

Invader G3 weight only 6.6 pounds, it is a successor to old G3, designed to be tough, lightweight and well balanced.

The stock in this crossbow is designed to be semi-skeletal to shed off some extra weight from the crossbow.

In addition, the machine aluminum riser is strategically designed to cut off a few extra pounds from the bow as well.

Safety in Invader G3 is top notch, the dry fire Inhibitor ensures that you cannot fire the arrows accidently without an arrow in place and the auto safety feature protect guarantee that the safety of the crossbow will automatically turn ‘On’ after cocking. Great feature for a newbie as well as an advance hunter.

The arrow travels at up to 330fps with a 400-grain arrow giving out 96FPKE during the hit, which is more than enough to eliminate a big buck or a zombie if that is what you are into.

In addition, the draw weight is easy and smooth to cock at 155 lbs while the 19-inch axel is comfortable for the most archer.

The Invader G3 is decently noiseless, especially for a crossbow that comes at such an affordable price.

Due to the absence of an integrated suppression system, looking into a set of string stops wouldn’t be a bad choice if you are hunting with it.

Especially if you are looking at the price, compared to the performance it delivers.

One of the award-winning features of Invader G3 is its fire inhibitor and renowned T2 trigger.

The dry Invader G3 prevents extensive damage to the crossbow which prevents it from messing-up its accuracy as well as its performance.

And, the T2 trigger requires a 3.5 lbs trigger force which sits right in the sweet spot, not too soft not too tight.

Another good feature is its ACU-52 rope cocking aid, which retracts into the stock. This might be good, as you don’t have to keep looking for your rope cocking aid.

The scope of Invader G3 comes with a 3X magnification even at 20, 30, 40 yards, which is good enough for both inexperienced and experienced hunters.

The tuning of the scope requires minimal effort, however, the scope has a problem of fogging up in less damp condition.

You can check out yourself, what other users have an opinion about this crossbow, Click on the button below:

The Good Stuff:

  • Great for both beginners and advanced hunters alike
  • The impeccable stock design is the best in-class design 
  • essential safety features prevents misfire and dry fires
  • Highly accurate tack driver
  • Magnesium riser provides durability while keeping weight low

The Bad Stuff:

  • The scope could be better 
  • No rope cocking device included

#3: Killer Instinct KI-350

Killer Instinct is relatively a new company than other crossbows company in the market. When KI-350 first released, it was their best most well performed crossbow.

This machine features an outstanding arrow speed of 350 feet per second. The lightweight and compact design only adds up to the remarkable performance it delivers.

Killer Instinct KI-350- best Crossbow

The Killer Instinct KI-350 crossbow is easy to assemble crossbow first released in 2014.

Assembling KI-350 consists of attaching the riser to the stock, installing the foot stirrup, and then mounting the quiver and scope.

This crossbow features an impressive speed of up to 385 feet per second and it is one of the only crossbows on the market that comes with a TriggerTech trigger.

The KI-350 shoots out the arrow at 350 fps producing 109 ft. lbs of kinetic energy with a 400-gr bolt.

This Crossbow is powerful enough to knockout your target block, be it a deer, a buck or something else. so be sure to hold it against some solid object to keep your shooting pleasurable.

The scope sights work just fine, and the accuracy is good. Every shot fired from this crossbow, was inside the bull’s eye ring of the target block be it from 25 yards all the way back to 75 yards.

How about Groupings? Its about half an inch at 25 yards, a three-quarter inch grouping from 50 yards, and a two inch grouping from 75 yards.

This crossbow is extremely precise for a mid price range crossbow.

The KI-350 features a fully machined aluminum flight rail. With that said, there is no other crossbow at this price level with a fully machined rail.

The intricacies to make a fully machined rail is huge, a manufacturer has to start with a bar of aluminum while using a high tech computerized machine called a CNC to create the rail.

This result in the elimination of imperfections associated with molded and pressed rails, which drastically increases accuracy.

This crossbow is designed for hunting. The design makes it suitable for tree stand or ground blind hunting, and the bow is powerful enough to eliminate game of any size.

The crossbow is easy to carry without getting exhausted or sore, weighing around 6.2 pounds. In-addition, the 14.5” width when cocked makes it a jam in closed, narrow hunting spots.

Another great feature the KI-350 has is its illuminated scope. There are just a few crossbows available today on the market that incorporates an illuminated scope at such cost.

The illumination allows the user to light up the reticles with either green or red to help you to pick up the target easier in low light conditions.

The cocking is effortless on KI-360 with a draw weight of 165 pounds, the rope cocking device makes it easier reducing the cocking effort.

The trigger on KI-350 works flawlessly, with a pull force of 4 pounds this crossbow delivers an unmatchable performance.

 The KI-350 comes with a lifetime warranty, it’s pretty impressive to get such a lengthy warranty period at such an affordable price. Make sure you read user reviews on Amazon, click on the button below.

The Good Stuff:

  • Illuminated scope comes with the package
  • Its really fast at 350+ feet per second
  • Extremely precise out to 60 yards
  • Weighing only 6.4 pounds
  • 185 pounds of draw weight
  • Adjustable stock and foregrip
  • Limb silencer 

The Bad Stuff:

  • More vibration makes it a bit uncomfortable
  • Heavy trigger pull

The Excalibur Matrix Grizzly is mid range high performance crossbow by Excalibur, which is mainly known for its quality crossbows.

This machine gives out the high caliber performance without high price tag thanks to the company's commitment to high producing high quality product without compromising with the price.

Excalibur Matrix Grizzly SMF-best crossbow

The matrix grizzly is certainly not a budget crossbow but we cannot deny the performance it delivers, can put shame to many expensive crossbows in the market today.

With that said, the Crossbow is more of a mid-range bow and it fits most people budget. Ideal for hunting big game, the matrix grizzly is durable and perform really well if you are after a big game like a buffalo.

The performance of a crossbow depends a lot on its built. Better-built results in smooth and efficient performance.

Matrix grizzly is a tough built crossbow made up of SMF composite material that provides enough power to withstand 200-pound draw weight, without being too heavy, makes it pretty comfortable to use.

It weighs 5.5 pounds featuring a narrow limb of 30-inch design for smoother and unswerving path for the arrow. The overall size of the crossbow measures at 33-inches in length.

We really like the design pattern of this crossbow called “mossy oak”, it gives the scope an ability to blend in the wilderness makes it tough to spot.

The design is compact, shorter stock fits comfortably on shoulders.

The CRT limb is perfectly engineered allowing it to transfer the force from limb to arrow without a hiccup, ensues a speed of more than 300fps using a 350-grain projectile.

It makes the crossbow ideal for hinting deers.

Even though the crossbow is not very complex but it does come with a manual if you face a problem. Not to mention a remarkable lifetime warranty by Excalibur.

Due to its compact size, the matrix grizzly is popular amongst people who want to use it in cramped blinds. Another great feature of this cross bow is its simple cock and shoot motion.

This might be good for those who do not to put major effort because it is the ease with the bow allowing you to take the several shots in less time.

With all the great features it has, it does come with some flaws. The crossbow does not have anti –fire mechanism so one must handle this crossbow with precision.

The vari-zone scope is well adjusted and is well known for its accuracy.

With a presence of an 11.5 inch power stroke, the overall picture is this crossbow is one of the best available on the market place around this price range.

Its performance,  Not once it disappointed us. But we would like you to think for yourself, you can check out the review by other people by clicking here:

The Good Stuff:

  • It's a great compact crossbow great for those who spend their time hunting in cramped blinds.
  • Low price with high performance compared to premium crossbows
  • Lightweight and well designed to have a simple cock and shoot motion allowing for a prolonged use.
  • Easy to assemble

The Bad Stuff:

  • No anti fire mechanism
  • Trigger could be better

Best Crossbow under the Budget

The Barnett recruit tactical is a great beginner friendly crossbow and the best crossbow for the money featuring smooth trigger action. 

The tool is essentially a lightweight crossbow comes at affordable price.

Since it is a compact crossbow, people with larger frame may need a custom stock extension

Ravin Crossbow R15 Predator Crossbow -best crossbow

The Recruit tactical is specifically designed for people with small height. The crossbow is easily one of the lightest crossbows in the market.

On top of that, the cocking required minimum effort.

However, it may look comfortable in a short man’s frame but that does not mean big men cannot have it, it just doesn’t feel comfortable holding a small crossbow.

The Recruit tactical gives out 91.9 ft-lb of kinetic energy on impact making it ideal for small game, all the way up to large game including buffalo and bears assuming the target is a lot closer.  

The crossbow comes as a Single-bolt assembly. The two main pieces it comes with is the head (limbs and string) and the body.

Another great thing about this crossbow is it that it is sold in a ready to shoot package.

It comes with Barnett Premium Red Dot Sight, Quiver, 3x 20" Bolts or 2x 20" Headhunter Arrows, Rope Cocking Device and A Tube of Wax.

The scope is powered by a battery featuring 11 dot settings. Scope in the Recruit alone come at a 1/3 price of the bow if you buy it separately so you know you are getting this crossbow at an absolute bargain.

This crossbow is also compatible with a hand crank or lever cocking mechanism made by Barnett.

Due to which it reduces the pull strength down to about 17 lbs., which gives you the freedom to cock it while it is mounted on a stand, which makes it suited for smaller youth, women and even those with injuries or disabilities.

Recruit tactical uses triggerTech, it is a frictionless release technology which results in zero creeps.

That means when you have pulled the trigger back to the wall there will be no further space for it to move before the release.

The safety of this crossbow features Anti-dry fire technology, which prevents the bow to fire if the string is pulled back. All you have to do is to switch off the safety once you are ready to shoot.

Not only does it prevents the bow to shoot unnecessarily but it also prolongs the life of the crossbow as dry firing transfers all the energy to the limbs of the crossbow, which will easily affect its life in the long run.

Overall, the crossbow is great for the price, the 3-year warranty period is more than enough for the rice you are getting.

Check out what other users are saying about this crossbow here: or click the button below.

The Good Stuff:

  • Affordable price
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Red dot reticle sight
  • Good safety with anti dry fire mechanism
  • Easy to assemble 

The Bad Stuff:

  • Basic sight
  • Arrow retention spring is fragile 

Best Crossbow for $1000 and above

The Ravin Crossbow R15 is one of the best hunting bows in the market today. This crossbow is extremely fast, carefully designed to utilize all the latest technology to provide outstanding results.

The new helicoil technology, frictionless flightless system and the trac-trigger fire-system provides an edge over other premium crossbows.

Ravin Crossbow R15 Predator Crossbow-best crossbow

The R15 is an extraordinarily fast crossbow encompassing the most advanced crossbow technology of 2017 to improve speed and accuracy for its users.

The advanced Helicoil technology, the Trac-trigger fire system, and the fully versa-draw integrated cocking mechanism give the R15 crossbow an immense upper hand on the competition for many reasons.

One of the main reason is the technology used is always at its full potential making it one of the best crossbow for hunting.

The R15 predator minimizes human blunder like inconsistent cocking of the string or oscillation while aiming because of the trigger creep.

Notably, the best thing about R15 is that it’s an excellent crossbow for disabled people or people with impaired motor ability.

Due to it’s easy to cock or uncocked minimize the risk of dry-firing and allows anybody to have a pleasure of using such a great tool, be it a disabled person or a giant hunter.

That makes the R15 predator one of the best crossbows on the market today.

The R15 predator comes with A specialized 100-Yard illuminated Ravin scope, Six Ravin bolts with exclusive Ravin nocks, Ravin quiver & mounting bracket,Versa-Draw cocking handle, Six practice field points (100 Grain) and Built-in sling mounts and the crossbow comes pre assembled and fully tuned so you don’t have to put any effort into it expect mounting a scope.

The scope in R15 is an illuminated 1.5-5X30 mm reticle scope which can be adjusted to different velocities. So, before taking the first shot don’t forget to calibrate the exact speed on the scope.

The scope is deadly accurate, it provides the aiming points up-to 100 yards which only helps in aiming with precision.

Our experience with this crossbow tells us, you will be able to maintain one-inch grouping from 50 yards without an effort.

The kinetic energy output of R15 predator is off the chart ringing at 160 foot-pounds enough to knock down deer, buck, a buffalo or hell even a squirrel.

The trigger firing system triggers at 2lb of force releasing the string with smooth after every shot. The Bolts do not contact the rail during the shot which is great because it reduces the friction.

The latest limb deflection technology provides an extra 35fps of velocity.

They modify the deflection (slightly stiffer) into their limbs then integrate it with the Helicoil technology, which results in a faster crossbow at a similar draw weight.

Deflection is basically a measurement of how much a limb bends under a certain load.

The extended safety wings above the foregrip block your fingers from sticking above the flight deck.

The grip is tight and allows for a comfortable hold designed in a way, providing great safety.

The Trac trigger features an efficient automatic safety component with Anti-Dry Fire to help you stay focus on the things that matter.

The R15 predator has everything you need in a crossbow, loaded with the feature, made-up of premium material and overall a great design. Check the user reviews on Amazon here or clicking the button below

The Good Stuff:

  • Unmatchable performance with its unique design and compact size
  • Comes as fully assembled and pre-tuned
  • Extremely powerful 
  • Reaching up to a speed of 425fps with 165 ft lbs of kinetic energy
  • Helicoil technology for superior power and accuracy
  • Compact design for hunting in tight space

The Bad Stuff:

  • A bit complicated cocking system
  • Its price

Our Top Pick

The Turbo GT is a successor to Tenpoint’s well-known and successful Turbo Model. The crossbow shows outstanding performance winning 2016’s Game & Fish reader award(best crossbow for hunting award).

The newer model is 3 inches shorter, lighter by 0.5 pounds and faster by 15 fps than the Turbo XLT II model.

The stock and barrel design of Turbo GT is made up of high quality material which is well-built and rugged which you can tell when you hold one.

One of its great features is its reinforced nylon(usually we advise not to have a crossbow with reinforced nylon but this one is an exception) safety wings, which are much longer and wider than what we see in most of the crossbows out in the market, it helps in minimizing any chance of your finger entering the string path.

The Turbo GT can shoot an arrow at up to 340fps with a kinetic energy of 109 ft-lb with 425 grain arrow.

However, If you want to shoot at 360fps, try an arrow weighing 370 grain. Nonetheless, more speed does not always equate to more energy and better penetration.

At cocking draw weight of 175lbs, the crossbow measures a compact 13.5 inches axle to axle when cocked, the crossbow weighs 6.5lbs and is popular amongst deer hunter.  

Its common sense that the distance at which you are shooting will directly affect the impact power, so it is advised to stay within 40 yards of your target take or leave 5 yards.

The pre-sight in Turbo GT is great, providing 3X magnification with its 3 aim points at 20, 30, 40 yards.

Another great feature of this crossbow is its focus on safety.

You have to insert your fingers within the grips through the cutouts, providing added safety.  

In addition, the dry fire inhibitor prevents any dry fire and the Auto engaging safety trigger will automatically leave your crossbow’s safety ‘On’ when it’s cocked, you will have to manually turn it off before you can shoot.

The Turbo GT also features the fusion S stock configured with optimal comb height and an adjustable butt plate for comfortable placement.

Another great thing we like about this crossbow is the cutouts in the foregrip and buttstock that are intentionally put there to reduce weight and improve balance and handling.

In addition, the fore grip is manufactured with top quality glass reinforced nylon wings fitted on the stock just above the grip hold for an added safety.

Look for other user reviews on Amazon, click the button below or click here:

The Good Stuff:

  • Outstanding speed
  • Compact design and light weight
  • Great safety features
  • Integrated cocking mechanism
  • One of the best design in the market

The Bad Stuff:

  • No voice damper or sound suppressor

#1 Top Pick

TENPOINT TURBO GT-best crossbow


Why wait? Get this Crossbow now!

Crossbow buying guide

Best Crossbow Buying Guide-What to consider when buying a crossbow

The differences between a recurve and compound crossbow are its design, the way the strings are attached to it’s limbs is totally different.

However, that doesn’t make one better than other. There are a lot of options to choose from in different power levels and size.

Recurve Crossbow

Recurve crossbows can have a smaller built, it also can be lighter and cheaper but do require extra draw weight to push an arrow as fast as a compound bow. 

Generally, a Recurve bow is preferred if you are a beginner. Even when cocked, recurve limbs are wider than a compound bow, which can make it a bit harder to carry in tight narrow areas.


  • Features a simple design which results in less maintenance and rugged built
  • bow string can be changed without a bow press
  • Inexpensive.
  • Lighter weight.
  • Quieter when fired.


  • Cocking mechanisms can be hard to mount
  • This crossbow demands a heavier draw weight for it to match the performance of compound crossbow

Compound Crossbow

As a general rule, compound crossbows are slightly quieter, heavy in size and High-priced. In addition, they also perform better at any given draw weight.

A compound crossbow requires shorter limbs than a recurve crossbow which can be a good choice if you hunt through a tight location.


  • rapid arrow speed at any draw weight
  • Quieter operation
  • Reverse draw crossbows are comparatively lighter.


  • You need a bow press to do maintenance on the limbs or string
  • More expensive
  • Compound bows are heavier
  • Compound crossbow is louder.

What is a Reverse Limb Crossbow?

The reverse limb crossbow use Reverse draw technology (RDT), it’s a recent innovation which basically turns around the appendages of an ordinary compound crossbow, giving RDT crossbows a distinctive appearance and drastically improve their performance.

RDT was a huge success amongst hunters because of their efficiency, many manufacturers have added RDT models to their lineup.

Some of their advantages over the traditional crossbow.

Balance: The reversed limb orientation relocate the riser and limb pocket assembly considerably closer to the trigger, effectively shifting the center of gravity in direction of the shooter, decreases the front end weight and allowing a secure and steady shot.

Increased power stroke: The string stays keeps in proximity with the arrow for the full length of the barrel, due to which the bolt achieve higher speeds per pound of a draw than the standard crossbows.

​RDT crossbows less noisy and produce less vibration.

​They can be even compact in size than the traditional compound crossbows.

Some major things to keep in mind before buying the best crossbow because you will find a lot of mediocre one’s in the market right now.

Speed: If you are looking for powerful shots, stick to a compound bow, which can deliver high impact energy and speed you are looking for.

Always check the size and strength of the bolts. A heavier bolt produces more Kinetic energy, which can even knock down grizzlies.

What is a Flight Track: Also called barrel, the flight track characterizes the physical structure that makes it feasible for you to launch a bolt.

The accuracy of the structure is directionally proportionally to the accurate delivery of the arrow downrange.

Noise: The recurve crossbows are quieter than compound or reverse limb crossbow.

The main reason is traditional crossbows shoot at least 5 grain per pound and above, while the recurve shoot around 3 grain per pound or less.

If you are a hunter, it is always advised you to get a bow with similar quality.

Quick side note: the more vibration a crossbow has, the noisier it will become. To reduce its effects, look for string suppressor systems and limb vibration dampeners to help you reduce the noise.

Weight: It is crucial to acknowledge Weight while picking out hunting crossbow.

Light crossbows are effortless to move around, heavy crossbows are more balanced while shooting.

Considering these two characteristics, the foremost thing to do while shopping a bow is to reckon self-physical limits to keep away from the contradiction.

Draw Weight: Speaking about the amount of force required to curve the limbs of a bow towards shooting state, the draw weight differs substantially between different varieties of crossbows.

Generally, the greater the pull weight rate, the quicker the arrow speed.

If you want hunt medium sized game, draw weight of more than 160 lbs is ideal while giving out a velocity of 300 fps and up is recommended.

The bigger the game the more draw weight is required to get enough kinetic energy for a confirmed kill.

Parts: To ensure that you invest in a reliable crossbow, it is essential to test its entire component.

Selecting bow made of metal is the excellent shop decision if you wish to grab a finest-quality weapon.

The crossbows with plastic elements can cripple down after only a few usages.

Additional Features: Despite the fact, majority crossbows follow the similar basic model; some weapons are prepared with exceptional features that assure greater credibility, accuracy, and security.

Additional properties include cocking aids, which benefits you to cock the bow precisely;

scopes, which enhances the precision of your shots; and noise-dampening machines, which moderate the noise and vibration after firing a shot.


In reality, better quality crossbows require high cost to produce, any cheaper crossbow will not be nearly as durable and sturdy as an expensive crossbow. 

It is crucial to get a factory-tested crossbow manufactured with the high quality material.

Crossbows made from low quality plastics are the worst in terms of durability, typically manufactured in countries outside of USA.

A high performance, the high quality crossbow is typically made up of carbon fiber or flight grade aluminum and will easily outlive crossbow that is made up of nylon-reinforced plastics.

Also, if a company is confident enough to give a good period of warranty, it is a sign that the crossbow is of higher quality.

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