Best Climbing Tree Stand(buying guide and Review)

BY James Brown​, 7 Minutes

It is always better to hunt in a concealed location and what can be better than the getting a new tree stand which not only help you in your ambush but it also make your adventure comfortable as sitting on a futon.

Out of all these different types of tree stand out there from a climbing tree stand to your ladder tree stand, which one is the right tool for you, can be a daunting task especially if looking at all the options available out there.

If you are looking for the best climbing tree stand or any other tree stand for that matter, this guide will help you decide which one is the right fit for you so you don’t waste your money buying unnecessary things that you don’t use.

So lets jump on to the main article without a wasting any time.


Best Climbing tree stand

Get the latest price and user reviews on Amazon, Click Below.

Best climbing tree stand

Get the latest price and user reviews on Amazon, Click Below.

Best climbing tree stand

Get the latest price and user reviews on Amazon, Click Below.

Summit Treestand is a great inexpensive tool from summit. Due to its weightlessness, it is quite popular among hunters. 

This product comes with summitlokt technology which not only protect the stand but it also enhance its life.

best climbing tree stand

The Viper SD is a climbing tree stand by summit which turned out to be one of the most popular tree stands they have produced. This tool is comfortable, adaptable and moderate weight while maintaining its strength.

It weighs 20 pounds with maximum weighing capacity of 300 lbs.

This tree stand weighs in about 20 pounds which makes it one of the lightest on the market. The summit lock design let the two sections to nest together making it easy to carry on your back.

The manufacturer is confident about the construction of this tree stand as they are providing a limited warranty of 5 years. Because of its sturdiness and durability, the tree stand can withstand a fairly good amount of wear and tear without breaking.

A great feature with this hunting tool is its dead metal sound deadening technology to suppress and absorbs any sound that tree stand makes. The custom engineered foam is used to eliminate metal to metal sound created by its aluminum tube. This helps prevent hunters from creating unnecessary noise that can scare your potential game away.

One useful thing about this tree stand is that it is relatively easier to climb than a standard ladder stand. This tree stand is quite comfortable as well, thanks to its adjustable seat and cushioned armrest.

Another good feature this tree stand has is its summitLokt technology which prevents the welds from being overstressed which not only increases the life of the tool but it also enhances strength and rigidity.

Overall this tree stand is made up of high grade welded aluminum with slick and comfortable seat. The backpack straps and full body safety harness is just a bonus.

The Good Stuff:

  • Price is easily affordable for most
  • Value for money
  • summitLokt technology
  • Light weight

The Bad Stuff:

  • A bit difficult to use in the beginning

The Summit Goliath SD is one of the best moderately priced stand available in the market today.

It delivers a solid performance, one of the best in class. The only thing we are not sure about this tool is its set-up in the beginning. But once you are used to it, its a piece of cake.

best climbing tree stand

The Summit Goliath SD is made to have crossbow hunters in mind.

Goliath SD is an absolute burly tree stand, which can even handle people with larger body frame featuring large climbers for more room with its maximum weighing capacity of 350 pounds on a 22lbs body easily makes it one of the best climbing tree stand for big guys.

The safety of this tool is a spot on as it comes with a four -point-seat-O body harness and backpack harness providing extra safety.

Its snakecable makes this tree stand absolutely noiseless. One long pad covers the whole seat with 7 plastic ties.

The harness looks like a parachute outfit to hold but it fits in well once you put it on. The quality use in the harness is top tier, I was really impressed by the material it is made of.

To me the tree stand takes a little practice to properly set it up on the tree but once you know how to set it up, it’s a piece of cake. Climbing the tree is easy, only takes few seconds to climb it.

The seat and armrest are carefully designed for maximum comfort, expect to sit on this tree stand for hours without a slight sign of discomfort.

It doesn’t matter if you are 6’3 or 5’7, you are gonna fit in Goliath SD just fine, you will not feel cramped inside this tree stand thanks to the engineers who designed this tool because it gives you a lot more space to move around.

When I first climbed the tree stand, I feel the straps are built with quality, I do not feel that the tree stand will go down, they were as solid as it can be.

The Good Stuff:

  • Works great with a crossbow
  • Noiseless
  • High quality harness
  • Comfortable seats
  • Built for people with large frame

The Bad Stuff:

  • Complex initial set-up

A good stand that comes with an affordable price. The climber II is one of the most weightless stand we have come across.

But that low weight does not stop this stand from being robust and strong as it can carry a weight 20 fold of its weight.

Best climbing tree stand

The Climber Combo II is a sturdy tree stand which is an improved version over the first series hybrid platform. The tree stand is designed and manufactured by Lone Wolf.

The designers did an amazing job with the design of the climber combo II as it looks burly while maintaining the light weight this tool is known for.

In addition, there are not many tree stands out there below 20 pounds that can match the same quality as climber II in the same class.

This tree stand is quite famous among bow hunters due to its perfect size, not too big not too short making it one of the best climbing tree stand for bow hunting.

The interesting hybrid design is the most highlighted feature of the climber II, both the climber I and the climber II offers a light weight construction which not only lets you sit at the ground with it but It also allows you to fit it on a tree for a better visibility.

The only thing we did not liked about this tree stand is that it is designed for relatively thin tree, you will not have full control over the fit on a thick tree.

The cast aluminum plays an important role in its rigidity and low weight, it can carry about 350 pound with a 17.5-pound body frame.

This makes it a quite flexible choice for you if weight is your main priority, which is understood because as a hunter you have to carry a lot of equipment’s already.

Another great feature about this tool is its comfortable seat, which is designed for a prolonged usage as the stand is well-balanced and well cushioned. The generous capacity of the platform allows you enough space so you can move around and adjust yourself for better position.

Moreover, the seat pad is filled with foam makes your hunting experience less stiff as you wait for the next deer to show up.

The Good Stuff:

  • Extremely light
  • Robustness due to the use of cast aluminium 
  • Comfortable seat
  • well balanced design

The Bad Stuff:

  • You may find it difficult to adjust it on a thick tree

Summit 180 Max is the stand you should go for if you are looking for a stand under $400.

The quality of the seat, cables, harness and built is one of the best we have seen. 

Best climbing tree stand

The 180 Max SD is a wide, easy to climb tree stand manufactured by summit designed for taller and heavier people with a weight capacity of 350 pounds.

However, in our experience, it can manage to keep a lot more weight than 350 pounds.

The camouflage pattern on the seat and the armrest blends right in the environment with ease. The round seat allows you to quickly change the position that doesn’t require moving or adjusting the stand making it the best climbing tree stand for rifle.

The signature summit design features a foam filled aluminum frame that is practically noiseless on friction.

In-addition, the quick draw, trigger operated cable design makes it easy for you to set up. The full body harness is added to enhance safety and the bungee cord makes it easier for you to carry the stand on your back.

I really like how they designed a large platform to give you enough room to stretch your legs, which is not at all bulky.

At 23 pounds, the stand is a bit heavier but it is designed in a way, the center of mass always compliments it if you carry it on your back, making it effortless and one of the most comfortable climbing tree stand.

If quality is your main concern than price then summit 180 is the stand you should go for. The stand is a little expensive but this tree stand can last many season that is a guarantee.

Overall this is a quality stand that is almost perfect. It just need a few changes like the quality of the rubber on the cables and the freedom to adjust the cables after a certain height.

On a side note: always prepare your tree In advance. Do not climb hickory trees or some similar tree with very hard bark because the bark can break off and stand losses its grip.

The Good Stuff:

  • Noise dampening technology
  • Large room to adjust 
  • Quality
  • Designed for people of all size

The Bad Stuff:

  • is a bit costly

Best Climbing Tree Stand In budget

Millennium M 25 is one of the best most affordable entry level tree stand on the market right now thanks to its simple yet effective design which provides enough space for you to comfortably hunt for hours.

The tree stand can handle a lot of weight without showing a sign of dysfunction.

Best Climbing tree stand

The millennium M25 can easily be one of the best tree stand for the money on the market right now. Its Value for money design turns out to be really good for all day hunters making them easy to carry for Comfortable transportation.

Its foldable design is perfect for mobility as it can be comfortably carried using the blackstrap. The Foldable seat design provides enough room for your legs, which allows you to use it all day long without much Fatigue.

This makes it suitable for bowhunters and people who do not like cramped place.

One great thing about Millennium M25 is its simplicity with an easy to set up design, which produces less Noise during the set-up. This makes it useful for hunters who generally spent the whole day hunting.

With an impressive weight capacity of 300lbs, the M25 maintains a compact profile within the industry Standards of a sturdy and reliable tree stand.

A significant thing with open design tree stand is the issue of safety. To make it even more reliable and safer, the tool comes with a full body harness with a suspension relief system.

Not only will this keep your mind free from worrying about a potential fall but it will also help improve your focus on hunting. Just make sure that you have correctly set up the tree stand.

The only thing I am not sure about this tool is its seat, which I feel is not that comfortable but still, it performs well, relative to other in class tree stand.

Overall it is a decent tool with provides a good solution for your hunting needs.

The Good Stuff:

  • Inexpensive
  • Decent quality for the price
  • Useful Weight capacity
  • Suspension relief system

The Bad Stuff:

  • Nowhere near the quality of premium tree staand

Another inexpensive yet a robust tree stand from guide gear 16 which come off as a practical and useful hunting tool for hunters who don't want to spend extra dollars on an inexpensive stands.

This stand is packed with features including a 360 field of view which makes it easier to spot animals in all direction.

Best climbing tree stand

The guide gear swivel 16 is one of the few tree stand on the market right now that can deliver 360 views without a hiccup.

Unlike most of the stand, which has a restricted view of what is in front. The swivel gives you enough room to turn look around and monitor your game for 360-degree visibility.

Swivel 16 comes with a nice comfortable chair giving you enough visibility to view the animals from all possible angles.

Although this tree stand comfortably sits in at 16 feet. However, there is lower options available as well for people with Acrophobia (fear of height).

Similarly, there is an even taller option available if you feel that 16 feet is not enough and you need a large field of view. The 16 feet height is enough to avoid any animal contact.

Nevertheless, the biggest strength of this tree stand is its 360-degree design, which is just un-matchable.

This tree stand comes with a paddle all-around shooting rail, which is excellent as it offers a soft platform for your shooting efforts, which makes it a great feature to keep your weapon scratch free.

The fully swiveling feature lets you shoot from any position, be it standing or sitting, as there is plenty of room provided.

This not only improves accuracy but it also enables you to stretch your body parts after a long tiring day of hunting.

Final thoughts: The tool comes with a decent design and providing a suitable point of view standing 16 feet tall. Recommended for a budget of under $100.

The Good Stuff:

  • 360 degree field of view
  • light weight
  • Comfortable and soft seat

The Bad Stuff:

  • Due to its height, it may feel a bit uncomfortable for people with Acrophobia.

Best tree stand for climbing for a hefty budget

Millennium Treestand L110 has proved to be one of the best stand on the market over the years.
Its sheer quality, design and strength is unmatchable. If you have a hefty budget, this tree stand is highly recommended.

Best Climbing tree stand

The effective design with Millennium tree stand L110 is one of the main reason for its popularity. Not only it allows you to fold the seat back, but it also makes for a better shooting platform. It does not matter if you are using a crossbow or a rifle.

A great feature with this stand is that the manufacturers have included a padded armrest rail, which allows you to shoot from a sitting position.

This impressive design can handle a weight of 300 lbs making it a good option for tall people. This stand weighs in at 92 pounds, which is quite heave to carry around.

The double rail design ensures the longevity of L110 as it is built to last.

Mellennium L110 is ideal if you need a larger field of view as it stand tall at 21 feet covering a large area to give you a bird’s nest view.

Which also increase the risk of falling out from a height but the safety harness in the pack makes it much safer.

We really like the seat-folding feature with this stand, which gives you an improved shooting position and enough room to get in a comfortable position.

Another great feature is the design of the gun rest, which is close to perfect as it ensures the sound does not disturb the surrounding.

To prevent tiredness, the stand comes with a right footrest, which helps improve your posture. In addition, its robust construction give enough support and stability, which can take the weight of the person effortlessly.

The three-year limited warranty comes with L110 is impressive, but the company ensures the construction will not bend or break, thanks to its lightweight aluminum design.

If you want to take standing shots with this tree stand, you will find it effortless as the seat folds back without any effort or noise.

Overall it is one of the best tree stand in the market today, from customizing height feature to plenty of room to move around. This tree stand has proved it all.

The Good Stuff:

  • Comfortable design
  • 3 years warranty though expect it to last for years
  • Absolutely noiseless
  • Popular among hunters

The Bad Stuff:

  • Heavy weight

Our Top Pick

#1: The Lone Wolf Sit and Climb II

So there you have it, the sit & climb II is our top pick this year for the best hang on tree stand and there is a reason for that.

The sheer quality, lightweight and it is easy to carry design easily makes it the best climbing tree stand for bow hunting or any other type of hunting for that matter.

The sit & climb II stands at 18 pounds, which is one of the lightest tree stand we have found. It turned out to be the best tree stand from the series as well especially for those if you want a hybrid design but need the extra comfort for prolonged use.

The comfortable backrest with this tree stand is top notch with a weight of just under 20 pounds makes it a valuable asset to those who value comfort and versatility in their climbing options.                                              

Even though the design is not, but you may find it a bit complex to use it for a few time. Nevertheless, do not let it stop you, once you are used to it, it may turn out to be one of the best stand you will ever purchase.

A great feature of this stand is that it comes with a weighing capacity of 350 pounds and a favorite, well-tested 6-point fall arrest system to provide an added stability.

3D camo design in the climb II just blends in the environment perfectly.

The popular backpack straps do not feel right to me as I am using Gray Wolf Woolens if you are planning to use it for long walks.

In conclusion, the lone wolf sit and climb II is one of the best and the lightest I have used to date. It feels considerably bright and tight as you put it on your shoulders.

Expect for its traction belt I don’t have any complain with it for larger trees.

The Good Stuff:

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Works flawlessly for bow hunting
  • Lightest tree stand
  • High weight capacity

The Bad Stuff:

  • Couldn't find expect for price

#1 Top Pick

Best climbing tree stand

Why wait? Get this Tree Stand Now!

Tree stand Buying Guide

What to look for when buying the best climbing tree stand

Picking a tree stand can be tricky especially after looking at all the options available out there on the market.

A good tree stand can provide hunters with an option of better visibility of its surrounding without compromising safety.

Another advantage of having a tree stand is that the game will not be able to detect your scent from if you are higher up on a tree, which helps you to stay concealed in your ambush.

In addition, it also provides a favorable vantage point for spotting your target.

​Because there is, a variety of tree stands out there, and it is highly unlikely that a singletree stand will meet all the needs of every hunter. However, getting a one that is suitable for you is the way to go.

​Below we have included in-depth information for you to choose the best tree stand for hunting without skepticism.

Right Tree Stand for your Hunting Spot.

The most important thing is to know your hunting area before deciding to buy a tree stand.

The most suitable area for tree stand is an area like the southern pine forest with tall, straight trees that can accommodate almost any type of tree stand.

​Having said that, the Texas brush country with its prickly bush will involve a specialize stand that can fit and adjust well in that type of trees.

​Trees with broad measure are not compatible with traditional tree stand In general as they require ladder tree stand.

​Some animals including white deer cannot see colors, but they have a right eye for noticing an inconsistency in contrast so avoid dark color stand.

Platform Size

Although a smaller platform does not always feel secure but it is definitely more portable and hence bigger isn’t always better.

Because nobody wants to carry, a big, heavy tree stand on their back every time they go for the hunt.

It is relatively difficult to set up a more substantial stand than a small tree stand, especially when you are crammed in a small area.

With that said, bow hunters make sure to look for a tree stand that provides ample space for you to establish a good position.

Which type of tree stand is the best?

Hang on Tree stand

It is a simple one-piece unit with a standing platform and an attached seat. It attributed to a stationary position with straps or chains in most type of trees.

Once you’re done with setting a hang-on stand, it will provide a safe and secure hunting platform. Uninstalling the position from the tree is relatively more straightforward with this type of stand.

​Another useful feature of this type of stand is the weight, weighing between 10-30 pounds.

The only downside with these type of stands is that they sit on them all day long can be tiring providing less space for a moment with the little padding for comfort.

Lock-on/hang-on tree stand does not come with a built-in climbing function. You will need either steps or climbing sticks, to climb the tree and reach the right height.

Climbing Tree stand

Climbing stand features a two-piece unit with a discrete seat assembly and platform. How you use this tree stand is by attaching both pieces to the bottom of the tree.

​To me, this is the best type of tree stand mainly due to its portability, but it depends on person to person.

This portability not only allows a quick reposition to hunt effectively but it also can be easily removed after every hunt.

Which is great as it prevents the stand from being stolen and help you hide your hunting spot from rival hunters.

​Due to its spacious design generally, the climbing tree stand tend to be heavier, they also create much noise.

This is the only downside of this type of stands, but they are quite comfortable, so that makes it manageable. 

Ladder Stand

The ladder stand is designed in a way where it comes with a multi-piece ladder assembly with a static platform. The whole body of this type of stand stays stable using belts or straps.

This type of stand feels comfortable, but such luxury comes at a price, as ladder stands are often expensive and a bit heavier than other types of stand on the market.

In addition, they may require a vehicle to transport to the hunting location and require more than one person to set up.

​While this type of stand is not practical if you are constantly on the move but it is perfect for those who desire stability, comfort, and safety especially for hunters above 55-year-old.

Make Safety Your Priority

There are a number of risks when hunting from the tree stand with a weapon in hand. By following these universal safety measures will help you to stay safe and secure for your hunting escapade.

•    Be sure to wear a safety harness. Almost all the tree stand comes with a safety harness. If you do not include one, make sure you get one separately.

•    Always read the user manual of the stand you are going to use. It’s crucial to get accustomed with instruction for installation and operation of the stand.

•    When climbing a stand, make sure you unload your weapon. Ignoring small safety measures can lead to huge mistakes.

•    You need to stay focused and attentive during your sit on the stand. Especially during early in the morning and right after a big lunch.

•    As the tree stand age, they start getting to worn out. Conduct a regular inspection from time to time for its maintenance. This is especially true when using a stationary tree stand that is constantly exposed to harsh weather.

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